Tips to use when Writing Theresa a Haytien Tale Essay

Understanding the Context of the Haytien Tale

Before starting your analysis of the take, ensure that you know what the story is about. Create a thesis statement once you know how to relate the essay question to the tale. Consider the supporting arguments before settling on a plan. It would be helpful if you have a clear picture of what your essay will entail from beginning to end, including citation.

Have Your Thoughts Written and Well-organized Fashion

The fictional story is about three women living through the Haitian revolution that happened from 1791 to 1803. The scope is wide and can be confusing if you do not narrow down to specific discussion points. To avoid making your essay appear messy, and poorly researched, write down your main points. List all the major arguments in chronological order, making sure that the content will flow naturally. You should start with an introduction, and finish with a powerful conclusion that summarizes your thought-process as follows:

  • Brainstorm and think about the essay topic critically
  • Breakdown the points in a way that is easy to understand
  • Have your citing sources ready
  • Write everything down in a notebook before starting your essay

Create a Rough Draft

Once you have brainstormed and have an idea of what you intend to discuss in your essay, write down the skeleton. This will give you a better perspective of what to discuss. It will also help you stay grounded on the topic.

Fine-tune the Content

A rough draft is hardly legible. Make sure you write a second draft clearly. Capture all the content in your first draft, filling in any gaps that may have resulted when writing your thoughts on paper.

Have a Clear Introduction

A good essay starts by providing a background of what the argument or question is about. Have a summarized version of the story, and bring in your arguments in a way that hooks the reader. The introduction should make the reader desire to find out what happens next.

Organize the Body Paragraphs

Note that the body should form the bulk of the discussion. All arguments must be discussed in this section. Avoid mixing unrelated arguments in one section, and ensure one point leads to another. Remember to cite properly whenever you quote someone else’s work.

Finish Strong

An essay will stand out not because it is well-researched, but because of how well the points are executed. A great body should be summed up with a powerful conclusion. Leave the reader wondering what should have been if there are gaps that the tale attempted to address. In case of solutions, point them out clearly without taking a biased position on the matter.

Revision and Editing

No matter how well a paper is written, grammar and spelling errors tend to water-down the content. Never submit an official essay without editing it. Get a second opinion by having a friend read through the essay.

It is easy to get lost when writing an essay on Theresa a Haytien Tale. Following the steps above will make it easy and faster. Always have a plan that you follow when writing.

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